Zlatan Is Going Hollywood: The Good, Bad, And The Ugly

The recent news of Manchester United terminating Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s contract has sparked debate over the football world. MLS club LA Galaxy has been at the center of discussion regarding Zlatan’s next and possible final destination. The super Swede is now 36 years old and his arrival in Major League Soccer creates a bittersweet atmosphere among the league’s fans. Ibrahimovic has been one of the most entertaining characters in modern football because of his eccentric personality and ability to captivate the world with his athleticism and ability to score goals as he ages. MLS has acquired a superstar that will bring praise and criticism around the league.


Let’s start with the bitter side of the story. MLS has been trying to shake off its status of being a “retirement league” and Zlatan’s arrival will certainly revive the debate. No one can doubt that Zlatan has the ability to take MLS by storm but criticism and speculation towards the league will harm the public opinion. This could also hurt the chances of LA Galaxy providing minutes for a young prospect with the hopes of leading the attack. However, let’s not forget that forwards at LA Galaxy now have the opportunity to learn and develop beside one of the most prolific goal scorers in recent history. Given his colossal ego most would argue that he will bring controversy to the locker room.


Moving on to the bright side lets focus on what he brings to the table and how it will benefit the club and the league. Last season LA Galaxy finished bottom of the western conference and is missing a reliable, confident striker that is capable of scoring and leading the front line. He will also bring healthy competition for the striker role and will bring out the best in young talented forwards. Zlatan has played for the biggest clubs in the world including Ajax, FC Barcelona, PSG, Juventus, AC Milan, Inter and most recently Manchester United. The super swede’s arrival is imminent and controversy, criticism, and excitement are surrounding the move. Will MLS shake its “retirement league” status? Is Zlatan capable of bringing back glory to the LA Galaxy? Let us know over at @TheUtilityMan17!

Emilio Morales

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