Alexis Sanchez Transfer Saga Comes to an End

One of the most thundering transfer sagas has come to an end, as Alexis Sanchez has signed with Manchester United in a swap deal for Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who joins Arsenal in the deal.


The complete transfer is valued at around £60 million when everything is finalized. Considering the colossal transfer fees we have seen in recent memory, this price tag is a such a bargain. The Red Devils clearly need flare, creativity, and finishing power up front and Sanchez is the missing piece of the puzzle. Alexis is arguably a top 5 Premier League player and his addition to the squad can turn United’s season around for the better. Winning the Premier League is a near impossible task currently but the Champions League is a month away and United can shift their focus and perform well on the European stage.


The other side of the deal has Mkhitaryan joining Arsenal. The Gunners have a huge gap to fill with the departure of Alexis but Mkhitaryan’s signing is huge for Arsenal because now they have another star playmaker playing at Ozil’s side. If Arsenal settles their problems with scoring goals they could be lethal with Ozil and Mkhitaryan providing plays for attackers and bossing around the midfield. Manchester City are looking like the champions of England come May, but the competition for European positions looks promising.

Will Alexis take the Red Devils to glory? Is Mkhitaryan the man Arsenal have been missing? Let us know at @TheUtilityMan17 and in the comments below!

Emilio Morales

SOURCE: The Guardian

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