NFL Conference Championship Weekend 2018 Preview

We’re almost there, only two weeks until Super Bowl 52 goes down in Minnesota. 4 teams are left and we’re here to break down who will punch their ticket to Minneapolis. 

Patriots vs. Jaguars  

If you told me before the season it would the be Jaguars and Patriots in the AFC Championship game, I would’ve called you insane. Not because I don’t think the Jaguars are a talented team but because the team is led by Blake Bortles. The Bortles storyline has been beaten to death during the playoffs and the further the Jags advance the worse it gets. The only thing I’ll say on the matter is that he deserves a lot of credit getting this team to where it’s at now. The defense led them to victory against the Bills but it was the Bortles show against the Steelers. That’s why this game isn’t as set in stone as some think.

Moving onto the Pats, what’s going on with Tom Brady’s hand? He injured it this week after hitting it on a teammates helmet during practice and the future Hall of Famer is listed as questionable for the game. Obviously, it would take a lot more than a banged up hand to keep Brady out of a game of this magnitude. The one thing that needs to be considered is Brady has yet to face a defense of this caliber in the playoffs in some time. The Jags are an all-time defense and they may be targeting that hand when Brady drops back.

To me, this game will really come down to if the Jaguars are able to establish their powerful running game. If Leonard Fournette is able to run it down the throat of the New England defense it may be a long day. However, Bill Belichick will have his team ready and as fun as the Jags season has been it’ll come to an end Sunday.

Pats 35-30


Vikings vs. Eagles

Hold on you’re telling me this game is Case Keenum vs Nick Foles and not Carson Wentz vs Sam Bradford or Teddy Bridgewater? Man the NFL is something else. Well in this game it may come down to which QB can make the best throw in crunch time. These two defenses are some of the best the NFL has to offer.

The Eagles D really shined against the Falcons, allowing only 10 points to one of the most high powered offenses in the league. The Vikings D had a few issues against the Saints, giving up 24 points.

If the Vikings are able to disrupt Foles in the pocket, I think it’s going to be a long day for the Eagles. That said the Eagles can hold their own with the pass rush. Look for Fletcher Cox to be a frequent flyer in the backfield. That being said the Vikings are going to come out on top.

Vikings 31-27

What are your predictions for Championship Weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

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