Pep Continues His Dominant Premier League Reign

After a couple of mediocre seasons, Manchester City has finally lived up to their expectations. The man responsible for their recent success is their manager, Pep Guardiola. The Spaniard has now won his 4th consecutive manager of the month award, and no one can argue that he is the best manager in the league right now. Pep’s career was always full of questions regarding his talent since he only managed FC Barcelona in Spain and never took the chance to manage in other leagues. He has managed Bayern Munich after a one year break, but his recent successes with Manchester City have certainly restated his place as a tactical genius.


Pep’s arrival in England sparked the question of whether he could replicate the success he had at FC Barcelona with an English club and most importantly, if he could implement his playing style in the Premier League. His first 2 seasons were good since he managed to qualify for the Champions League, but the team had never looked like a championship team itself. Pep changed that completely by bringing in players that fit his system. The signing of Ederson gave him a goalkeeper that plays well with his feet and gives defenders options at the back, Kyle Walker provides the team a vertical player that joins the attack and contributes with overlapping runs that create spaces for crosses into the box, and adding a young striker like Gabriel Jesus takes pressure off Sergio Aguero by also forming a deadly strike force capable of destabilizing the opponents defenders. Pep has also signed Leroy Sane and Bernardo Silva to boost an aging midfield that clearly needed flare to strive. Kevin De Bruyne leads that midfield along with the captain, David Silva. The midfielders have successfully morphed into Pep’s passing game and possession-based philosophy.

Pep has successfully added new players that rejuvenate the squad and add flare and verticality to a team that has not won the Premier League since 2014. They are currently undefeated in the Premier League with 20 wins and 2 draws. The world is eagerly waiting to see if they can finish the season undefeated and replicate Arsenal’s undefeated season back in 2003-2004. Will Pep continue his dominant reign in England? Will Manchester City be the new “Invincibles”? Let us know over at The Utility Man.

Emilio Morales


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