Tension In New England: Brady Reportedly Forced Jimmy Garoppolo Trade; Is Tired Of Belichick’s Attitude

Trouble in paradise? Reports have surfaced that reveal tension within the New England Patriots between Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady. Many believe this season will be the final one for the historic trio. 

An ESPN hit piece was released earlier this morning and the subject was reported turmoil within the Patriots organization that began sometime last year. It’s been reported that head coach Bill Belichick has had issues with Brady’s trainer Alex Guerrero following differing recovery methods.

Many Patriots players have felt pressured to work out at Gurrero and Brady’s facilities rather than with team trainers which led to Belichick growing angry. Belichick tried to discuss the issues with Brady and the QB denied any knowledge of the situation.

Then came the Garoppolo situation. Tom Brady has expressed interest in playing into his mid-40s and the 41-year old QB has every reason to make that statement with his current stats. He’s still playing at an all-pro level but Belichick has always been a team-first guy. That’s why the coach drafted Jimmy Garoppolo in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Brady apparently didn’t take fondly to that move and that came to a head this season. Brady went to owner Bob Kraft and demanded Garoppolo be traded. Kraft took that message to Belichick and like the good football guy he is, he made the move.


Garoppolo was traded to the San Fransico 49ers at the trade deadline for only a second-round pick, which is a small haul for the caliber of player Garoppolo has been viewed as around the league. So with no future QB plan in place, it’s still on Brady’s shoulders for the foreseeable future and that seems to be the way Brady wants it.

It was also reported that the trio was supposed to meet in December to attempt to clear the air but the meeting never took place. It will now take place during the offseason but this could be spelling the end of the greatest dynasty the sports world has ever seen.

The Pats currently sit at 13-3 and are the number one seed in the AFC going into wildcard weekend. If they go on to win another title could it change the way this all plays out?

What are your thoughts on the Patriots situation? Let us know in the comments below! –Jackson Hayes

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