NFL Wild Card Weekend 2018 Preview

The NFL playoffs kick off this weekend and we have a great slate of games. Let’s break down the matchups for Wild Card Weekend. Screen-Shot-2018-01-02-at-11.09.41-AM.jpg

Here is the full slate of games. The Patriots, Eagles, Vikings, and Steelers have a bye this week as the number one and two seeds.

So that leaves Chiefs vs. Titans, Jaguars vs. Bills, Rams vs. Falcons, and Saints vs. Panthers. If you went by Vegas odds the Jaguars, Chiefs, Rams, and Saints are the favored teams, Vegas and I have some differences.

Chiefs vs. Titans 

Both of these teams more or less limped into the playoffs. With no playoff experience for Tennesse, the Chiefs should take this one easily. For me, it comes down to the coaching matchup, Andy Reid has been here before and Mike Mularkey not so much.

Chiefs 35-20

Jaguars vs. Bills 

What an exciting weekend for both teams. The Jaguars and Bills are not in any way postseason staples but that may work in their favor. Young teams with little experience go into the playoffs with a hunger. The x-factor for me is Bills QB Tyrod Taylor, if the Jags defense is able to contain him they should be able to come out on top but if not, they are in for some trouble.

Jaguars 27-24

Falcons Rams Football

Rams vs. Falcons

This game is likely to end up a shootout. The high-powered Rams offense versus the reigning NFC champs, the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have the experience but the Rams come in hot and ready for postseason play. As fun as the Rams are to watch, Julio and the Falcons will be too much for them.

Falcons 41-35

Saints vs. Panthers 

Another couple of talented offenses. The Saints and Panthers have put up fantastic numbers for the entire season and that comes to a head this weekend. I do believe the Saints will inch it out with the help of their talented running back duo.

Saints 28-21

What are your predictions for Wild Card Weekend? Let us know in the comments below! –Jackson Hayes

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