How Neymar’s Possible Move to Real Madrid Could Impact The Game

Last summer the world saw the most expensive transfer in professional soccer history. Neymar moved from Catalan giants F.C. Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain. That transfer had cost Paris Saint Germain $263 million and that fee broke the transfer record previously set when Manchester United bought Paul Pogba in the summer of 2016 for $124 million. Now rumors continue to surround Neymar, and this time those rumors are pointing towards a move back to Spain to join Real Madrid. If such move is completed we may be seeing the beginning of the end of soccer as we know it.


Today’s game is won majorily by clubs and owners who are able to break the bank and pay such exorbitant fees. That being said clubs with economic capacity will begin to monopolize the game and hurt other up and coming clubs chances of growing and developing talent. Competition will start to diminish as smaller clubs will not be able to break the bank to even have the slightest edge over those other resourceful clubs. Paris Saint Germain was the latest in breaking the transfer record and as of now, F.C. Barcelona could be the ones to follow their steps.

Neymar was part of the most lethal attack in the planet when playing in Barcelona, along the best striker in the planet Luis Suárez, and the best player walking the face of Earth, Lionel Messi. The decision from Neymar to leave has left a colossal abyss in Barcelona’s attack and they are in search of a replacement. That search for another player similar to Neymar’s caliber may lead the Catalans to break the bank even though they acquired French winger Ousmane Dembélé for $113 million. Dembélé is still a young prospect and Barcelona need a more developed and mature player to fill the void left by Neymar. Recently that void is rumored to be filled by Juventus’s argentine superstar, Paulo Dybala.


Adding a fellow national teammate to Messi’s side will boost chemistry between them, and form yet again another cohesive unit that is lethal in front of goal. Dybala joining Barcelona would be an amazing acquisition considering he has proven himself as a goalscorer, this after being a nightmare for goalkeepers in Italy. He has shown that he can also take set pieces and be a playmaker that can install rhythm to the team and provide a smooth transition into attack, as well as creating chances for Messi and Suárez.

Currently Barcelona is at the top of La Liga standings, but they cannot continue to rely on just attackers to carry the offensive load of the team and they need to fill that void to take away some of the pressure on top of Messi and Suárez. However there are also persistent rumors that Paris Saint Germain are looking to develop a young squad and are considering signing Dybala. If PSG choose to join the race to sign the young argentine we may see an interesting transfer window when Barcelona and Paris battle out for Dybala’s  signature. Will Neymar blow away the world with another earth-shattering move? May Dybala be the chosen one to join the most deadly attack in modern soccer? Let us know your thoughts at @TheUtilityMan17

Emilio Morales

Source: DailyStar

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