Barcelona Facing Possible Transfer Ban

The water is boiling over at Barcelona, as they may face yet another transfer ban in regards to their contact with a certain Atletico Madrid French forward…


Atlético Club sources have confirmed that they have reported FC Barcelona to FIFA in regards to illegal contact made to Antoine Griezmann, Atlético’s star forward. This all comes after Barcelona’s Director of Institutional Relations, Guillermo Amor, made some comments in regards to contact the club has had with Griezmann.

Amor responded to a report that said that club president Josep Maria Bartomeu has had meetings with Griezmann’s representatives, his sister and other family members in a Barcelona restaurant, discussing the possibility of a transfer. Amor responded to the report by saying:

“If that’s what the paper says then it’s the case. It is possible there has been an approach and that some progress has been made. It’s work the club is normally accustomed to doing. In the football world it’s inevitable that people talk about players. It’s something that tends to happen,”

The complaint was also confirmed by a FIFA spokesperson, which stated the following:

“We can confirm that we have received a complaint from Atletico de Madrid concerning the said matter”

If Barcelona were to be found guilty, this would be the second transfer ban they’ve received in the last 2 years. Atlético feels that this move can affect the standing in LaLiga, as Barcelona currently sits in 1st place, with Atlético right behind them. What are your thoughts on this? Do you feel that Barcelona deserve another transfer ban? Let us know at @TheUtilityMan17.

Kenneth Colon


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