How Carson Wentz’s Knee Has Changed The Balance Of Power In The NFC

It was 1st and Goal at the 2-yard line, the Eagles were down 28-24 to the Rams, 2nd-year QB Carson Wentz dropped back, scrambled right, rushed into the end zone for an Eagles TD. The play was called back but eventually, Wentz found WR Alshon Jeffrey for the go-ahead touchdown. The Eagles were on pace to win the gain but they may have lost their season in the process. 

Carson Wentz went down on the drive with a knee injury and it was confirmed today that Wentz did indeed tear his ACL. The most dreaded words in sports, torn ACL. It’s an injury that in most if not all cases is a season-ending injury, well unless you’re Philip Rivers.

The Eagles will move forward with Nick Foles under center, a QB who just 4 seasons ago threw for 27 touchdowns with only 2 interceptions, which are MVP like numbers. However, 4 seasons might as well be 2 lifetimes in the NFL. Foles has since left Philly, became a backup in Kansas City only to be cut and eventually ended up back with the Eagles. He’s become somewhat of a journeyman but if he’s able to recreate the magic from 2013, the Eagles still have a good shot.


Philidelphia is currently sitting at 11-2, holding the number one seed in the NFC. The team has looked like Super Bowl favorites but that was with Wentz under center. Teams like the Vikings, Rams, and Saints are all insanely talented and ready to make a run for a title. And when it comes to January football, having a franchise quarterback is basically a necessity.

The QBs in the NFC playoff picture right now warrant a second look. We have Nick Foles, Case Keenum, Jared Goff, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton and Drew Brees. 2 journeymen, 1 second-year man, two solid starters and a future Hall of Famer. With Wentz going down it really is anyone’s conference and with so many teams ready to prove themselves the NFC playoffs will be must-see TV. –Jackson Hayes


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