Why I think Giancarlo Stanton should Be In Dodger Blue If He Gets Traded

Miami Marlins superstar, Giancarlo Stanton, is coming off one of his best seasons of his career and was rewarded by winning the 2017 National League Most Valuable Player award. Stanton was awarded for being the best all around on offense especially after hitting a career high 59 home runs and driving in a career high 132 runs batted in (RBI). Here’s why I think Stanton belongs in Dodger Blue.

jeter marlins

With New York Yankee legend Derek Jeter taking over as owner, it seems like Jeter is looking to clean out the house. Which means Stanton’s $325 million contract is something that Jeter may want to move off the books.

I get why Jeter wants to get huge contracts off the books because it can be a pain to the gut when paying so much for one player. But this is Stanton we are talking about. He has improved each year and he will keep on getting better. All I know is this move that Jeter is looking into and possibly doing could be off to a bad start to his tenure as owner. For one, it could potentially drive a wedge between the fans and Jeter and the Marlins organization. Stanton is a fan favorite and the fan attraction in Miami for baseball. The fans want to come to watch Stanton hit home runs. If he is traded, it is very possible that fans will not go to games for a long while as a protest or that the team will not do well in their division. So, if Stanton gets traded, I think belongs in one place only, at home in Los Angeles with the Dodgers.

stanton notre dame

Stanton is a local Southern California kid who was born and raised as Dodgers fan. It is the most logical choice for Stanton. The ball is in his court if he is forced to be moved. He can choose where he wants to go. The 28-year-old 2017 home run king has a full no-trade clause. The Marlins have threatened Stanton by saying that if he is not open to other trades to other teams, they will keep him in Miami for the rest of his contract while other players will get shipped out. That threat honestly feels like it wouldn’t affect Staton too much.

He is living in Miami, which looks like pretty good weather. I have never been there, but it looks fun to be at. Stanton is making $325 million on possibly his last contract unless he is opting out in 2020. He still would make a ton of money until then. Stanton is in great position regardless of what Marlins do. Stanton can commandeer the move to Los Angeles easily, all he has to say is no to any team that may want him. It will drive the Marlins to that point, where they see the Dodgers as their only option.

Giancarlo Stanton

Stanton is suppose to met with the San Francisco Giants’ representatives last night in LA. He also met with St. Louis Cardinals, they are likely to be out the race. All Stanton has to say to the Giants, if he really wants to play for the Dodgers, is say no. Say no to the Boston Red Sox, the Cardinals or any other team that is not the Dodgers. That leaves the Marlins with either still paying Stanton his contract or make their last stop with the Dodgers and start negotiating a deal for the all-star right fielder.

Stanton would do well under the lights in LA. He has proven it in Miami his whole career. A homecoming and playing on a winning team would help Stanton fit right in his homecoming. If you thought he was a monster this past year on a team with a losing record? Imagine what he does on a winning team? Imagine the motivation he could potentially have? He would feel rejuvenated and reborn. He would fit right into the culture that Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has installed into the clubhouse since he was first hired.

Dave roberts.jpg

Stanton hasn’t played for a manager like Roberts. A manager who really brings out the best in their players by showing they can believe in themselves and what they can bring to the team on and off the field. Stanton will be a much better ballplayer if he played for Roberts. He would fit in with the Dodgers’ star players shortstop Corey Seager, third baseman Justin Turner and 2nd year 1st baseman Cody Bellinger. I can see Stanton and closer Kenley Jansen just bringing the focus and determination as ballplayers of wanting the ball. Dodgers Ace Clayton Kershaw and Stanton’s humbleness altogether will be a treat to see for Dodgers fans.

Stanton in Dodger Blue would look really good. I think this would be a good trade because with 2018 free agency coming up next year, as much as I like Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper, I think he will command a ridiculous number that makes Stanton’s contract look cheap. I want to keep Kershaw in Dodger Blue for the rest of his career. Focusing on 2018, the now, is the best way to do it and get better by adding Stanton. Go out and bring Giancarlo Stanton home despite the potential losses that would be made to get him.

Do you guys think Stanton will return home to join the Dodgers? Tweet your thoughts @TheUtilityMan on Twitter.

Lucas Talbot

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